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The Studio (where the magic happens)

... "we worked our socks off to create this space!"

Thanks for showing an interest in finding out more about my amazing Pilates pad. This space is all about creating a calming zone, where students can feel transported form their daily lives, join in with class but focus on improving their own Pilates practice. 


My Family, Friends & I joined forces in the summer of 2020, to build the studio within a new industrial unit, based on Aycliffe Business Park. We worked our socks off to create this space, and i'll be forever grateful to them.

In the short video below you'll grasp how much time we dedicated to creating the studio. Projects always take longer than expected, and the truth is: we've still got a few design ideas we'd like to add as time goes on. I'm sure we'll get there!

But for now, it's perfect, so please come along and enjoy the space with me.


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