Completely 'new' to Pilates??

If you've never practiced Pilates before, it is very different to a general 'fitness class' for example. The focus is on 'how' we move, meaning there's a technique to how to perform all movements, which can take time to grasp. 


This includes a Breathing Technique, Alignment, Coordination, Balance, Core Control, Flexibility. All of which we aim to improve. 


Before booking onto a class - especially if you've never done Pilates before, please see the below 3 options first.

If you've done sport or fitness in the past or currently, you may be quite body aware, and have a good understanding of your alignment and how to engage specific muscles. However, I would still recommend one of the below options.


  1. Please ​contact me (Ashleigh Mckenna), either via mobile, email or the contact box below. (sometimes it's best to chat via telephone)

  2. Book in for a 1:2:1 or 'Pilates with Friends' sessions - CLICK HERE

  3. Beginner Workshops - a 2 hour session with a small group of 6 other 'newbies' - CLICK HERE



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