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Completely 'NEW' to Pilates??

If you've never practiced Pilates before, Pilates is very different to a general 'fitness class' for example. The focus is on 'how' we move, meaning there's a technique to how to perform all movements, which can take time to grasp. 


This includes a new Breathing Technique, Alignment Awareness, Coordination, Balance, Core Strength & Control and Flexibility. All of which we aim to improve upon. 


Before booking a class - especially if you've never done Pilates before, please see the below options:

If you've been committed to fitness/ a sport in the past or maybe currently, you might be quite body aware, and have a good understanding of your alignment and how to engage specific muscles. However, I would still recommend one of the below options if you are new to Pilates, as it's about 'understanding' the principles.


  • Please ​contact me (Ashleigh), either via the contact box or by calling my business phone, details below. (Sometimes it can be best to chat via telephone).



  • Online Option: On the Pilates Guru Online Membership, I offer a channel called '25 days, 25 exercises' which is great for new Pilates Students... each 10/15 minute video breaks down a specific Pilates Beginner Exercise & includes a stretch. We underpin the technique of Pilates in general, in each video. There is also over 50 Beginner Pilates sessions to then continue with. CLICK HERE


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Maybe, you're not NEW to Pilates,

but you're hoping to filter into one of the current classes

on the timetable?

Weekly Studio Classes are busy, but people's schedules do change, so spaces come up from time to time.





If you would prefer to chat - please call me, I'm always happy to speak over the phone.

Tel: 07538 927 076

Business Owner / Pilates Teacher: Ashleigh


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