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Announcement to
Studio Students:

The payment plan options are changing in January 2023, before you follow the link to see the new options, I would like to outline & explain why these changes are occuring.

If you could please take the time to read each point, that would be greatly appreciated.

  • It's important that I remember why I am running Pilates Guru Ltd, one of those reasons is to grow the business and aim for a bigger & more established venue, that has more potential / improved studio space / equipment options. If I continue to run the business in the same way as I am now, I am not setting the business up for future success. 

  • During 2022 I have declined a lot of potential customers, due to some weekly classes being booked at full capacity. However, due to the way that I have been running the business, classes some weeks can have 13/14 students, and then the next week there might be 4/6/7 students in class, it can really vary. Lots of fluctuations due to holidays, illnesses and other reasons that life throws at us. But in the meantime, the business is turning away new customers each week.

  • As you know, the classes that I offer are small scale compared to other types of wellness classes, that's generally how Pilates studios/classes should run; offering more of a personable & exclusive service.

  • Due to the nature of a smaller class environment, this gives me the opportunity to walk round, give 1:2:1 advice / guidance, watch over the class for corrections & continuously offer as much instruction as I can, to ensure Pilates is practiced with the correct technique; preventing injuries & so people get the most out of the exercise.

  • The benefits from Pilates and the classes that I teach, I know offer so much for people, including: relief from back pain, improved sleep, increased strength, self awareness, a sense of relaxation, improved technique & posture in other sport disciplines, and so much more relating to other factors in our daily lives.

  • Pilates 'works' best when you practice regularly, and it is a process, like anything! Consistency is KEY... therefore, once or twice a week (more if you can dedicate the time) is ideal, and hopefully, if you pick a weekly payment plan option, that will motivate you to commit each week, and reap the benefits!

  • I also appreciate that people have different circumstances each week, therefore I have still offered options, which you will see on the next page.

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