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Payment Options

  • As you know, the classes that I offer are small scale compared to other types of wellness classes, that's generally how Pilates studios/classes should run; offering more of a personable & exclusive service.

  • Due to the nature of a smaller class environment, this gives me the opportunity to walk round, give 1:2:1 advice / guidance, watch over the class for corrections & continuously offer as much instruction as I can, to ensure Pilates is practiced with the correct technique; preventing injuries & so people get the most out of the exercise.

  • The benefits from Pilates and the classes that I teach, I know offer so much for people, including: relief from back pain, improved sleep, increased strength, self awareness, a sense of relaxation, improved technique & posture in other sport disciplines, and so much more relating to other factors in our daily lives.

  • Pilates 'works' best when you practice regularly, and it is a process, like anything! Consistency is KEY... therefore, once or twice a week (more if you can dedicate the time) is ideal, and hopefully, if you pick a weekly payment plan option, that will motivate you to commit each week, and reap the benefits!

  • I also appreciate that people have different circumstances each week, therefore I have still offered options, which you will see on the next page.

Weekly Membership 

- Weekly auto-recuring payment

- 1x class per week

- You are NOT tied to the same weekly class

- You manage / book / cancel your own bookings 

- You don't have to book too far in advance - there's no restriction, waiting until the last minute to book is completely fine, if spaces are showing. (We would rather this, than you holding a space for weeks, then cancelling last minute).

- Recurring automated payment, debited from your chosen payment card (takes every week, unless the Studio cancels the class).

- BONUS, the plan offers flexibility - if for whatever reason you can't make a class one week, feel welcome to take your class another week (before or after), as long as it's within the same calendar month.
- Weekly class balances reset at the start of each month
(try to be organised, so you don't lose out).

- This works for Holidays / Work Commitments / General Plans 

T's & C's

- You are not tied into a contract - Cancel anytime.

- If you take more classes at the beginning of the month, and you then cancel your weekly membership, you will still be charged for the classes that you have attended - we offer this on a trust basis.

- Any no shows, who have not managed to cancel their booking, will still be charged

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