This Month's Updates

...with Pilates Guru 

Studio Students

I know many of you have been asking about dates & how many weeks i'll be teaching for into the Summer. My 'plan' is to teach in the Studio until & including Wednesday 4th August 2021. Obviously pregnancy & birth is unpredictable, & no one knows when exactly babies are going to make an appearance, so we'll play it by ear. 


If little one arrives before the 4th August, any passes you have outstanding will be 'banked' until the Studio is open again. Equally, any credits you have could be used for the Online content if you'd prefer (more info further down).  Recurring subscriptions will be paused, so no payments are deducted.


Currently, the 'plan' is to re-open the Studio mid October, if this is earlier or later I will certainly keep you in the know. (Take a look at the 8 week Online programme i'll be offering from August)

July 2021

Online Members

With almost 400 videos now available on the Platform, your weekly online content will continue to arrive as the month goes on. (Take a look at the weekly release timetable here)

For August 2021 I have an 8 week programme coming up! Although you can take part in the programme any time after the start date, it will begin on Monday 2nd August. 


"So what's the details?!?" I hear you ask: 

8 Weekly Programmes:

Monday 2nd Aug - Week 1 

Monday 9th Aug - Week 2

Monday 16th Aug - Week 3

Monday 23rd Aug - Week 4

Monday 30th Aug - Week 5 

Monday 6th Sept - Week 6 

Monday 13th Sept - Week 7 

Monday 20th Sept - Week 8

Released in order:

For example, you won't have access to the 'Week 2' content until Monday 9th August & so on...


Separated into levels / student types:

Beginner / Improver / Prenatal / Postnatal


The weekly subscription price remains the same:

£4 per week, for 24 hour access to ALL content. You don't have to take part in the 8 week programme, you can continue your regular routine, and use the platform as you wish. The 8 week programme will be available to all Online Members.

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks!!