'Strong Mama: Healthy Baba'

The Pilates Guru Pre & Postnatal Programme

I've been teaching Pre & Postnatal Pilates for over two years now, and it's the most wonderful feeling to know that i'm helping women connect with their body, as they experience many changes during pregnancy & their postpartum journey. 

I gave birth to a little girl in August 2021. So it's safe to say that I know what new mamas & mamas-to-be are going through. I am certainly applying everything that I teach in my own practice and daily life.

Both the Studio & Online Prenatal Pilates sessions will provide mamas-to-be with safe, low impact exercise during pregnancy.

With a main focus surrounding the Pelvic Floor Muscles and learning how to 'draw baby in' to maintain engagement of the deep abdominal muscle layer (Transverse Abdominis).

If you have been cleared by your GP to practice Pilates during pregnancy, then these sessions are for you.

Online Prenatal Sessions (see video demo further down)

Currently there's over 40x Prenatal Specific Sessions to choose from (30/45/60 mins) on the

Online Weekly Membership, as well as the weekly sessions:

Prenatal: Strengthen & Mobilise Sessions // 30 mins

Prenatal: Educational & Tips for pregnancy // 10-15 mins

The class content differs each week, but we always apply the same principles throughout, including:

  • Breath Work,

  • Pelvic Floor Engagement & Lengthening,

  • Deep Core Activation,

  • Hip Opening,

  • Low Impact Strength Exercises,

  • Safe & Gentle Stretches,

  • Postural / Alignment Improvement & Correction,

  • Mobility for all the Joints. 

Within the online channel, you'll also find a large selection of the below sessions to keep you Mama's strong & prepped for Pregnancy, Labour & the Postpartum:

  • Lower Body Strength 

  • Upper Body Strength

  • Stretch Sessions 

  • Standing Control Pilates

The sessions that are suitable are all accessible via the 'Prenatal Channel' on the site, once signed up & logged in.

Online Postnatal Sessions

I created the Postnatal Channel to help ladies connect with their body again after pregnancy & birth. Each and every woman will feel ready in their own time to return to or start movement. There is no 'set' time in which you should do this, although if you're very eager to start, please wait at least 6 weeks postpartum after a vaginal delivery & at least 8-10 weeks postpartum after a cesarean delivery.


Health professionals recommend that you've had your postnatal health check, and they will usually advise if it's 'OK' for you to start exercise. If they don't, always ask the question.


Please note, the Postnatal Pilates Sessions are very Low Impact, and are more focused upon:

  • Gentle Muscular Engagement

  • Alignment

  • Breath

  • Pelvic Floor

  • Relaxation

  • Deep Core Engagement

  • Stretches & Mobility


The Postnatal Channel is divided into two sections:

Postnatal Recovery Program

This channel is where you would start, there's 12x 15 minute sessions. You can repeat these sessions in order, as many times as you like. Some students might choose to do 3 per week on different afternoons, or completely ad hoc when they can fit them in. You can decide your schedule. 

Once you feel ready to move onto the 30 minute sessions, where we incorporate more exercises, this channel is called:



Postnatal Pilates (Full Sessions) 

Again, you can work through these 9x 30 minute sessions over as many weeks as you like, if you've previously practiced Pilates before your Pregnancy, you may feel ready to move to Beginner or Improver Pilates after completing the 9x sessions.