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(45 mins)

The Prenatal Pilates Sessions are privately streamed LIVE every week on a Saturday @10:00 for 45 mins.

You have the option to watch LIVE or afterwards at a time that suits you.

The Prenatal Pilates sessions will provide Mummas-to-be with safe, low impact exercise during pregnancy.

With a main focus surrounding the Pelvic Floor Muscles and learning how to 'draw baby in' to maintain engagement of the deep abdominal muscle layer (Transverse Abdominis).

Modifications to suit student’s individual needs will be offered. Ashleigh is fully certified in teaching pre and postnatal Pilates. (Please feel welcome to send a message or email, before trying the sessions; especially if you need advice or would like to discuss any common pregnancy health conditions that you are experiencing.


If you have been cleared by your GP to practice Pilates during pregnancy, this is the session for you.

'Pre-recorded' Online Options: 

30x Prenatal Pilates // 30, 45 & 60 minute Options 

24/7 unlimited access.

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