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- Studio Guidelines

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The Studio is open for all Classes & 1:2:1's, if you're new to Pilates or Pilates Guru, please get in touch to see what your options are...

Staying Safe in the Studio:

  • Arrive 5 - 10 mins before your booked start time

  • Enter the building

  • You'll see the studio entrance straight ahead, at the top of the corridor

  • Use the hand sanitiser visible (in the soap bracket attached to the wall)

  • Please remove your shoes, before entering the studio

  • Your shoes & personal belongings can be stored in the cupboard to the right, in the studio

  • All mats will be equally spaced at a safe distance

  • If you prefer, lay your own mat or towel over the pre-existing studio mat

  • Stay in your chosen spot for the entirety of the class

  • Enjoy your session :) 

After your session:

  • Please use the Anti-Bac + Blue Cloth to clean the blue studio mat + head cushion

  • Leave all equipment in the same area to dry




Thank you for your understanding, any questions at all,

please get in touch.


I look forward to seeing you in the studio, Ashleigh.

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