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Pilates Guru

- Studio Guidelines

The Studio is open for Group Classes, which run as per this timetable ... if you're new to Pilates or Pilates Guru, please get in touch HERE to see what your options are


A few things to note:

  • Please arrive 5 - 10 mins before your booked class start time

  • After you enter the main door from outside, you'll see the studio entrance straight ahead, at the top of the corridor

  • There is hand sanitiser available to use if you wish (in the soap bracket attached to the wall)

  • Please remove your shoes & store them and any other personal belongings in the cupboard to the right, as you enter the studio

  • All mats & equipment will be ready - choose a mat of your choice & relax before the class starts

  • If you prefer, lay your own mat or towel over the pre-existing studio mat

  • Enjoy your session :) 

What to wear & bring with you:

  • Please wear any clothing that you feel comfortable in, and is stretchy enough for you to move your body with no restrictions

  • We will practice in socks or bare feet - whichever feels best for you (we clean the mats)

  • Wear layers of clothing - so you can take off or add, if/when needed

  • All mats and pieces of equipment will be provided, however, if you prefer to bring your own mat, or maybe you use a specific block / cushion to aid your practice, that's completely fine to bring that with you :) 

  • I would also recommend  to bring a drink along to class with you

After your session:

  • Please use the Anti-Bac + Blue Cloth provided to clean the Studio Mat + Head Cushion

  • Leave all equipment in the same area to dry




Thank you for your understanding, any questions at all,

please get in touch.


I look forward to seeing you in the studio, Ashleigh.

Click Here for Directions & Parking 

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