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- Studio Guidelines

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The Studio is open for all Classes & 1:2:1's, if you're new to Pilates or Pilates Guru, please get in touch to see what your options are...

Staying Safe in the Studio:

  • Arrive 5 - 10 mins before your booked start time

  • Enter the building 

  • Wear a face covering to enter the building (unless you're not exempt)

  • You'll see the studio entrance straight ahead, at the top of the corridor

  • Use the hand sanitiser visible (in the soap bracket attached to the wall)

  • Please remove your shoes, before entering the studio

  • Your shoes & personal belongings can be stored in the cupboard to the right, in the studio

  • All mats will be equally spaced at a safe distance

  • If you prefer, lay your own mat or towel over the pre-existing studio mat

  • Stay in your chosen spot for the entirety of the class

  • Enjoy your session :) 

After your session:

  • Please use the Anti-Bac + Blue Cloth to clean the blue studio mat + head cushion

  • Leave all equipment in the same area

  • Wear your face covering to leave the studio (unless you're not exempt)

  • Wait for the Studio door to be opened, & as you leave please keep space between others & yourself & do not congregate in the corridor.

  • The main entrance door will also be opened for you to exit.




Thank you for your understanding, any questions at all,

please get in touch.


I'm so excited to welcome you all to the studio, Ashleigh.

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