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Finding a Healthy Balance in a World of Pressure & 'Perfection'...

Firstly "Hi", this is number 1 of hopefully many more blogs that I'll continue to post... i'm not going to set a schedule or focus just on Pilates (as some of you may have expected), rather i'll delve into the mammoth topic of Health & Wellbeing; sharing my thoughts & questions. I am such a deep thinker & fairly inquisitive about most subjects, but even more so with the human body, mind & our overall health... which is what inspired me to start this blog :) I think you'll all agree that life as a whole seems crazily fast paced and just completely MANIC! Although, it does all come down to the way we think about things, and from what i've just typed, I obviously find life a little busy at the moment. With that being said I don't let it get on top of me, and I believe it's vital to live your day in the moment & present-focused.

As well as life feeling busy, the pressure of ticking a number of boxes when it comes to our Health & Wellbeing are very real and so they should be. As a big advocate of a healthy lifestyle I do agree with the importance of balance, but what is balance?? I searched the web to look for an illustration of the brain; initially i was looking for an arty diagram highlighting the vast amount of thoughts 'we' as humans consider daily, then I came across the below:

Finding a Healthy Balance

It basically highlights a wheel of ingredients that we need and should be considering to live healthily... If you're looking at this and thinking something along the lines of "hmmm they're not things that I even think about on a weekly basis, never mind daily", then you need to get your act together :) ... but on a serious note, these 8 elements are your lifeline. I would also add in 'Positive Thinking' to the mix, as I truly believe your own thoughts have a huge impact too. What reason does anyone have not to look after themselves? I think you'd find it's impossible to answer. It then all comes down to finding 'your' balance, in a world full of social media, comparison & judgement it's difficult not to view others' lives from the outside and think "yep they've got it all figured out" and "why can't I be as healthy and 'perfect' as them?!" it seems a harsh world at times, but what the hell is 'perfect'? We all know it doesn't exist in terms of the human being, however many of us strive and crave this idea.

This takes me back to balance and finding your own. Little by little, day by day. Focusing solely on yourself and making small changes is the key. If you can have more 'conscious' days/weeks where you are actively making choices about Healthy Food, taking part in Exercise, drinking more Water, thinking Positively, gaining new Knowledge, getting more Sleep, getting out in the Fresh Air when you can, then you're on the road to improved health. You may choose an element to focus on per week, then gradually build it up over time. It's important that your body and mind are on the same team and work together as one, to ensure you reach optimum health.

The other half of balance is learning not to punish yourself if you step out of that 'healthy circle'. I certainly have days where I overindulge in sugary treats, don't feel like exercising or drink a few too many cocktails, and that's OK :) Learning to accept those days/weeks will help you to be more consistent and in control. Constantly shaming and negatively judging yourself will only backfire and you'll feel disheartened and angry with yourself; it's true that we're our own worst critics...


Thanks for reading :)


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